Crocodile bag sealers

Our trademarked bag sealer, sold in their thousands over the years, offering a simple and easy way of sealing polypropylene food bags in many catering applications.

Catering and wrapping L-Sealers

Manual stainless steel bench top L-Sealers for wrapping bread, cakes, plate salads and anything that needs to be bagged.

Shrink wrapping systems

Simple chamber all in one, shrink systems available in several size sealing area and chamber volume. Manual and Automatic L-Sealers with matching shrink tunnels for any application

Sleeve Wrappers/Collation Systems

Semi and fully automatic systems for transit wrapping in Polythene films  


Contact us for spares and service on all Oakwell built equipment and on Burnley and Pendle built systems up to 2010